UNL Resources

  • Gender Inclusive Housing

    UNL has a gender-inclusive housing policy. Any student who identifies as LGBTQA+ is eligible to apply.

  • Campus map of Inclusive Restrooms

  • Lavender Closet

    Provides UNL students with free and discreet access to identity affirming clothing and accessories. Located in the Gender and Sexuality Center, Nebraska Union room 346.

  • Trans Collaborations

    A community-based partnership between transgender and gender non-conforming people (TGNC) and academic researchers which aims to provide evidence-based guidance, education, and research to meet health-related needs of transgender and gender non-conforming people

  • Counseling and Psychological Services

  • University Health Center

    • LGBTQA+ student resources

    • Pharmacy

      • The UHC Pharmacy will order hormones for students, staff and faculty with a valid prescription.
    • Student Health Insurance

      • The student health insurance offered through UNL includes coverage for transitional care, including hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries.

Changing Records

  • Chosen Name and Pronouns

    Any student who goes by a chosen name and pronouns (or a name in use other than their legal name) is able to add that name in MyRed. Their chosen name and pronouns will show up on class and grade rosters, in the UNL Directory, and on Canvas.

  • Transcripts and Registration Records

    To change the name or legal sex on university records, bring legal documentation to Office of the University Registrar located within Husker Hub. Legal documentation can be an amended driver’s license, an updated birth certificate, a court order indicating a legal name change, and/or a passport reflecting the changes.

  • NCard

    NCards are now available with chosen name on the front of the card, and legal name on the back. For new students with a chosen name in the system the name will be available on the first card acquired.

    Replacing an NCard to reflect a recently changed chosen name requires a replacement fee. New NCards reflecting legal name changes are available at no cost. New NCards simply reflecting change in appearance (expression/presentation), meaning ones with new pictures, are available from the NCard office for a replacement fee.

  • Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, Passport and Social Security Card

Off-Campus Resources