Frequently Asked Questions: Merger of the LGBTQA+ Center and Women's Center

Why the name change?

In an effort to better serve students and support the N2025 Strategic Plan's goals to advance and support diversity, equity, and inclusion, Student Affairs has merged the LGBTQA+ Center and the Women's Center into a single unit. The new name is the Gender and Sexuality Center.

The unit brings together two programs focused on gender inclusiveness and sexuality, facilitating a greater responsiveness to the needs of women and the LGBTQA+ communities through education, outreach, community building, and advocacy. Focusing on students' development of self and community, the Center connects students to campus resources for health and wellness specific to LGBTQA+ people, women, and is inclusive of all orientations and identities.

This new center generates opportunities to reframe campus perspectives on how the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, race, age, class, nationality, ethnicity, ability, and other identities impact the social, cultural, educational, and political experience.

Will there be changes to programming?

Programming of the Gender and Sexuality Center will focus on students and provide education, outreach, advocacy, and community building. Programming from the former LGBTQA+ Center and Women's Center were key to helping build a campus community that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the merger and evaluation of a joint mission and vision for the Gender and Sexuality Center, programs will be reviewed and evaluated with the goal of maximizing the center's impact.

Will the Gender and Sexuality Center be changing spaces or relocating?

An evaluation of current space on the third floor of Nebraska Union will be conducted through 2023. On-going conversations with the future of Neihardt Hall will help shape any current or future space(s) for the Gender and Sexuality Center.

How can our campus and community partners help with the merger?

Our partners and allies can assist in the merger by supporting the name change while the full community becomes accustomed to the new name.

Contact or chat with us if you see something with our previous names, information, lock-up, and publications. We appreciate all efforts to help us locate spaces where updates are needed.

Campus partners should update their web and print resources ASAP with the new name Gender and Sexuality Center. If you need assistance or want us to review your updates, please reach out to us.

Are there any resources that will no longer be provided?

There may be some changes in the future. Details will be announced at a later date.